such a dark rogue
nearly severed his own hand
earlier today
just so to give a portion of it
to me
a strange but lovely gift indeed
semi virtuous stranger
full of myths marking a man
you intrigue me thus
yet warn me soundly
of limits left unbound
hounds left unhealed
your harbors hark of horrors
that bloom up from their contorted
sensuous roots
the blood filled yearns
in his unbridled quest
just as enchanted as he is
enslaved by words
not just of his own creation
but quintessentially from the
creative gray of an instinctive woman
fortuitously robust 
such magical weaving he makes
with his warring/wooing words
captivation's professor
to but the somewhat deserved
please note fondly
I heed your double edged pen sword
I stand back all ablaze in the shadows
collecting only those shooting stars
that you send so magnificently
just past my slight smooth shoulder
gloriously mirroring my own
I've yet to figure out if ye has become
'Nimrod's Proxy' or Lothario's spawn
yet in a flurry of wit's seduction
the former gathers grace all it's own
to push back the wind in such
conflicting storm.............
(Sept, 17, 2013 817am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for a very intriguing poet from this web site who wrote me a very memorable private message thus inspiring this purposeful poetic reply of mine...............

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