a weary wonder
woefully awakens
sloth like taking spiral steps
misaligned remorse
parries back
placated like a loon
after summer's gradual pass
whimsical steps
trudged on tip toes
two at a time
harvest moon looking
sadly away
misery shivers in recoiled
no funeral does the heart
have in it today
with articles still left to read
and so many pictures left
to put away
the true outline of your
character will have to
wait another day.................
(Sept. 5, 2013 850pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was watching earlier this evening, of all things one of those cold case mysteries sort of shows. The loved ones left behind after the case of their murdered family member was solved said something that became a key to a poem for me. They said that even though the murder was solved and the person who perpetrated such crime was properly punished still they themselves must feel that burden's every day heaving upon them. Catching the murderer though something to be thankful for doesn't really change the flow of their pain and in this poem I was loosely trying to touch upon that.

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