in vibrant swishing colors
haphazard objects join
to form
a word stream of mismatched
a sorcery of another nature
collides to create
a questionable collage
eye grenades every last
delving in and piling on
more and more
individualized strangeness
though the medium is
noticeably different
the intent borders on the same
fragments retooled
giving the viewer/reader
insight into the jagged ledges
that better beautify the scars
being shared
'A Pale Picasso Of Letters'
I was earlier labeled
along with Mysterious lop
sided lady with a removable nose
I subsequently joked...............
(Sept. 5, 2013 243am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was having a conversation earlier with a fellow poetess and friend of mine and she was telling me that some of my more 'OUT THERE' poems reminded her of a Picasso though one of letters not strange mishapen forms and ostentatious colors and that is when I laughed and joked and replied back ah you mean I'm the mysterious lop sided lady with the removeable nose eh. She rejoined with an exactly, that description does fit you my friend. We had a good laugh and I knew right then that a poem would come of this brief conversation. I tacked the pale in the title on attributing to my post poems id and all. It seemed befitting.. anyway enjoy............

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