deep in the pocket of the cold
just below the front porch
of anticipation
and into the gated community
of the fly
beyond those silver teeth of
the zippered staff
danger therein lurks
quivering convulsions of flesh
stir from their own throbbing
daliances to comply
kidnappers of one's peaceful breath
linger to light fires
debunking previous cordial nights
desire sharpens her blade
slicing through the reserve of both camps
mystery's curtains flutter
the wind of sexual tensions' change
has started to pick up
at such junction
no fonder breaths could ever be taken
lightly again
muse demystifies the myth of living................
(Nov. 7, 2012 1144pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poetically working through the lows I've been feeling. A natural enough part of life I am sure. I feel blessed that I have poetry to fall back on to try to sort through the empty confusing feelings that sometimes come to sit with me. The blunt sexual slant early on is likely just a lonely woman missing that aspect of her life I would suppose. Again, a natural enough occurrence.

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