glistening in
the glorious expanse
of the endless sky
sunlight spills to shimmy sway
across the pollen strewn fields
with the mercury still dipping shy
the flutter of the wind
walks his fresh, magnificent wings
from summer surface
to summer surface
pure pleasure born
from such a tiny thing
fills his first flight
the utter weightlessness
of freedom
carries him instinctively,
why joyously
and quite miraculously
from tree to tree
hollow to hollow
grassy nook to grassy nook
all farther and farther away from
his recently chewed away cocoon
the birth of his beauty
has finally begun
summer would not be summer
without the likes of him
or the personal freedom he has just won..............
(April 21, 2012 318pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I saw a truly glorious blue, black monarch last week and had been repeatedly recalling his weightless glancing beauty in my mind's eye and this poem woke me a while ago so I decided to share it at last here on my page. Enjoy...........

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