here's to ancient evenings
and distant music
and two loves
that never forgot each other
even when new bodies
were given
and handed their lives paths
already spoken for
long before a breath was
even taken
from day one
that weightless void
rented rooms from the soul
and sang to itself a little lovelier
with each passing year
always feeling
always knowing
ever silently suspecting
somewhere in this now
that longing was reciprocated
always underlying everything
sailing towards that distant shore
of reconnection
once wiser, more thankful
and widely receptive to the
bottomless possibilities
that tirelessly trailed each
our every step taken
I am the very breath and depth
of love
I carry in me this deathless knowing
that you are the sky
my wings were meant to expand
and take full flight in
'We Just ARE"
what we have always been
truth without apology
bathed in beauty that just IS
love's purest form known
this moment in time
we own together
the mere words
seem so pale
but listen closely
to your own soul singing
and you will hear my song.....................
(April 17, 2010 1254am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

and yet another even newer one but still from some two plus months ago again he is pretty much insulated by time now and so I can post this poem without any worry or censure...........

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