to be so loved
that's all I want
is to be so loved
in fact
its all I've ever wanted
I'd like my tears spilling
upon my hot flush cheeks
to mean something to
someone somewhere
not just to me
in my great chasm of
instinctive meandering
I'm an undiscovered world
all to myself
my rivers are of kindness
the plains of my imagination
are fertile
my valley is lush and healthy
the feel of my terrain is soft
and life affirming
my forests are plentiful
to sustain years of wild life to come
namely grizzly bears
but I long for only one
and he lies injured in his cave
and without him
there is no wild life
to enjoy
just deafening quietness
the sound utter destruction
just before it comes
from the irrigation of my tears
hope plants her finest seeds
and from the prior fortnight's ashes
tiny seedlings begin to sprout
for you see its love's return
that makes tomorrow smile
and whisper you just wait
his hibernation is not long from
being over now
another cloud burst
another rainbow
another coming of a storm
and then the beauty of
growing has again begun
and in so saying
I await
'The Flurry Of Your Adoring Pen'......................
(July 1, 2010 820am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was left out quite by accident. I had a previous poem written on June 8, 2010 titled 'To Be So loved' and I titled this poem the same but missed posting it and when I happened upon the typed personal page to transcribe into my hand written journal I double checked and found another 'To Be So Loved' poem transcribed back in June so I checked and realized I had not the same poem copied trice but two separate poems sharing the same title. Since the one on June 8th was already transcrived I decided to chang the title of this one rather than make it To Be So Loved 2 and came up with The Flurry Of Your Adoring Pen as it is in the poem itself the same as To Be So Loved. That made sense and I hope you enjoy this poem. (by the way of course this was written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own. Without a doubt!

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