from your thoughts here
I sensed the stillness speak
a near diatribe of distraction
babbling from a typing form
of tongue in cheek
and then a listless heart appeared
making everything so confusingly weak
my eyes were listening in
as your twisting words
you began to tweak
am eclectic comfort of sorts
for yourself perhaps
but a painful bloodletting of the very
to this fellow poet
your scars were a rash
as each line though skillfully streamed
at me shrieked
in crude unapologetic contrast
that fell into the eyes of dust
and mingled with a garish sort of retreat
the heart has to be a wrangler
roping in the strays
while fighting with time to preserve
the precious priced meat.............
I know this is barely 'Skimming The Surface'
but when I'm effected I don't retreat
(May 28, 2010 348am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written in reply to fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poem 'These Days Of Mine'..............(just found this in my email drafts and noticed it was not posted so here it is better late than never.

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