summer be still naught
for who but this moment
doth embrace
men flanked in solitude
at odds with
life and self
eager with the fringe of death
to halt his very own breath
and take its place
there are courtyards and orchards
that as silent as their loveliness
hold their lovers' shocking secrets of old
and take tokens of loves' once virtuous
the initials donning the carving tree
now so over grown
and displaying such love letters
for timeless interpretation
by eyes long removed by
those moments paused
why, dare we be gregarious
on lookers
taking notation of weather
rescinded flaws..............................
(April 22,2010 539am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

please note many of these last several poems I have posted just now are nearly a year old many should have been posted in hand written Journal #36 but due to my early dementia it would seem I could not keep up with the out put. Do forgive the glut of them so late..........

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