I find
I am lonely tonight
a shiftless vessel drifting
lost in the melancholy
that is
this moment's rent
for whatever the reason
he's stepped out
is busy
or what not
as he so dearly loves to say
whether work or something
just as equally asinine
has pulled him for a short
time away
who knows
and I am here
longing to pull him back to me
just hoping so fervently
I don't turn into one of those
needy clinging types
that make good men cringe
this side of myself tends to worry me
in so many ways love is an ocean
and oceans can be so beautiful
but as you know
they are so dangerous and deep
fraught with perils unimagined
and mined with rip tides, swirling currents
and under tows that possess life taking
forces in light speed
at such an unexpected thought
I'd like to believe my love is more like a
lovely summer lake
just as lovely but not nearly so dangerous
nor scary and vast as nor nearly so
explorable as an ocean perhaps
with depths that can draw a soul in
to bask in such other worldly
but not kill them with one
ferocious tug
Lake Melissa
I even like the sound of that
and if I were such said lovely lake
then he would have to be
say my suitor, the sun
and rise to walk every day
by my side
and then come set with me awhile
before the night shooed him away
I could be happy with that
ya know
him in my sky for all of the whole day
'Every Remaining Day'...................
(April 18, 2010 305am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own even though I have written some of these last 5 to 10 poems and forgotten to post them.

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