oh dear Sir Poet
it is doth true
I can assure you
without proof of even
a clue
your soul too did choose
to come to this earth
in the form that you are
the state that you find
your sad disbelieving self
struggling so valiantly through
do you believe for a moment naught
that God is so loving
that he would not allow a soul
to share in the choice of venture
for its betterment and evolution
the mother you have
the children you so adore
the great first love you lost
the unwanted wife you carried
like dead weight for 16 long
agonizing years
all thine spirit with thine divine's
sacred approval selected and had
long before you were of
a physical identity
do be mindful
when the soul is gone
the ponder of a life well
lived or not
it is that of which the soul bears
so tenderly in grief
as it departs back
to the one true home
that all love and energy
must return to.............
(April 17, 2010 258am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my poetic reply from nearly a year ago to fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poem 'Coleridge And Me')

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