how sweet 'The Remembrance' shall be
when the two hearts partaking in
those so beloved memories
stand tall and transfixed
in the present state
of simply being
before love's finest set of eyes
by God, himself devised
how can we believe such ideas
as these
could moments shared
otherwise eclipse warmer needs
I sense from thee
such summers shall indeed spring
amid the first rays of dawn's shuddering light
as I clasp the to my very thankful being
and to the gentle eve of the winter solstice
two hearts shall blend thus so to be received
never again to beat apart
this I solemnly believe
question me not................
(April 9,2010 453am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sighs! again another near year forgotten poem I wrote but mysteriously never posted. I am replying to a fellow post poems poet (I believe) but not sure which poem it was. Enjoy..............

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