the construction of memory is
such a beautiful thing
in us and all around us
reminders everywhere remain
only a truly thankful heart
can speak from such interiors
of deep reverence
it is here where man and poet
and illuminate each difference
while beloved mercy
in all her peaceable strength
stands up for each of us
in her own due time
to sing................
(April 9, 2010 330am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a poetic reply to one of fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poems though I did not note which one in my draft. should I happen upon the poem in question of his I will gladly note it here as to which poem I am responding to. I have to be honest and admit I am stunned by how many poems I have unintentionally omitted from this web page. Am happy as I am up dating my journals to be correcting that matter. Once again, my apologies for what is appearing to be my extreme forgetfulness.

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