such beauty of your thoughts
you so shocked but lovingly reflect
as you stare out from the ugliness
that's all around you
the purity and exasperation of your
feelings and turmoil
stand out like a lotus growing
so proudly among the mud and filth
you strike me in this as a rainbow
that appears the morning after
an incomprehensible disaster
struck the day before
read this poem of yours again
as if through the eyes of a
stranger to your land
(such as I am)
and I think then what I've written
just now will gain an even better
foothold in your heart
I truly admire your talent and
innate goodness
by peeling back the curtain and
exposing the ugliness you see
on any typical day
its your talent, that even if done
unknowingly, manages to bathe it
all in such poetic beauty
for the reader to not only absorb
but vicariously see
through the wounded prism of your
own disbelieving eyes.........
(Aug. 11, 2010 1228am)

(first day of Ramadan)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I came upon this poem of mine with no title and realized I had replied to one of fellow Post Poems poet's Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poem 'How I Laugh When I Should Be Crying' and here I am some 7 months later finally placing it on my own web site. A First for me I do believe. .............

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