Ms. Jonzac-almighty
where did you go
how I miss reading
your poetry
and comments so
filled with your depth's
gentle care
and deep poetic flow
I was stunned to find you
'Just Gone'
absconded you did
into the night
with every last one of
your mind altering poems
sadly your praise and encouragement
were all snatched back too
when I noticed comments of yours
gone from my own poems
that's when I all too emptily knew
you exited our little group
like an arsonist
without conscience
but no matter how
coldly you just left
I can honestly say
your influence here
will be sorely missed
come back home to us
if you tire of your time
away from our creative
little cul de sac
trust me
with wide open arms
you will be all too gladly
welcomed back
well by me at least
along with
a few other bruised souls
you so gently touched.................
(Feb. 19, 2011 856pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for ( former now it seems) fellow post poems poetess jonzac_almighty I happened to be checking a  mistake I suspected I had made in one of my poems and I noticed a comment that had been made in that poem's column was gone and it turned out it was jonzac_almighty's She wrote some very lovely words of praise for my writing which really touched me as she seemed so sincere and I felt honored that someone enjoyed my work to such a degree and wrote in affect a fan letter to me. I even replied back to her and wrote a poem to her over one of the first comments she wrote of one of my poems speaking so highly of my work. I started looking for her id so I could ask her why she removed her comments from my poems but I could not find her id and a friend of mine did a thorough search and he said it appeared she had removed all her poems from this site and I was speechless as she was such a wonderful addition to this site. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her work and her comments on others work made me pull up their poems and read them for myself cause I figured if she thought they were worthy of comment then I should probably look at them too. Anyway, as far as I know she is gone from this site if any of you know where else I can read her poems do let me know or if she changed her id I'd enjoy knowing. Jonzac yourself if you read this please feel free to send me an off line at palewingedpoetess on yahoo messenger I hardly chat there but I will log in and check the for an off line I really would like to keep in touch there are so few  of us poets who share similar energies of spirit and when we find them its very hard on us to lose that connection. Thanks for reading this my fellow word spires. a sincerely grieved, Melissa Lundeen.

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