time and space are
such constant dividers
and yet
they hold us in a rigorous limbo
we are
as humans
mere majestic riders
through fate's foggy storms
be not ever the body of afraid
there hath no greater challenge
than that of fearlessly living
weary as we are
we walk no farther away
than from the tracks of
what is unwritten
Tomorrow, she is an angel
yet to grace man with her
cleverly deceptive face
whether from darkness or light
she comes
some all too foolishly
live for only her arrival
never knowing
we walk so intimately
beside Today
her's and God's most
beloved son
read this as you may
but you cannot
un know something
you've known
once the knowing has
been done
for there is no other path's way
to out run love
and in your realizing this
you, while under love's care
have delightfully won
the prize of presence
and selflessness
two parts to the core
of indescribable bliss................
(Feb. 10, 2011 227am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How so few truly get the beauty that lays within life. How success is not about the stuff but about the love you give and receive, aspire and inspire, deserve and procure. I once read you never hear a man on his death bed saying "How I wish I had spent more time at the office"  I say live like you are dying everyone and this world will be better a kazillion fold....................

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