I am truly saturated
by the shameless shower of
his beautiful remembrances
he cloaks my enraptured heart
with the breath taking fashions
of his words
why, even to him
I am sweet air of deliverance
itself so reserved
particular favored subject
to the testament of his
ever flowing
loving verse
with such honor and praise
he cradles even my middle name
amid his cascading stanzas
I walk unscathed
amid the rows of life filled
by envy, jealousy and blame
one would believe I have a pedestal
at the foundation of my dainty feet
as so often nearly this he has
but when love clouds a man's eyes
his woman is perfection to him
so forgive my so beloved poetic him
dearest faithful readers for painting me
as divine
for this sincerely fallible woman's heart
all too humanly allows herself
to lounge in the luxury of his
'Rapturous Postulations Revealed'
for though they play to
the tambourine of my woman's vanity
still , it's in my very soul
at the seat of all this elaborate
where he and I both know
we are each others timeless
salvation primordially sealed ...........
(Feb. 9, 2011 156pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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