I see the void
and more sadly enough
the void sees me too
I try to pretend I do not
recognize it for what it is
but I am a cowardice fraud
wearing a faded mask
made of the cheapest
possible hue
perhaps what I long for
has always been an illusion
a sweet madness that I cannot
divorce myself of
to need another so deeply
call me a catholic of emotional
that fears one's being into belief
tell me is that really love
true veneration's testament
opposing the notion of defeat
perhaps I am just another run of the mill
weak and pitiful woman
of a certain age
looking for a fictional hero to save me
from my perplexing fate
and becoming fiercely disappointed
when his greatness falls short of
the comic book page
for my Isolation
so you must Pardon me my mistake
for my every volley
an emotional step back or two
I sometimes seem to make
only to flounder in the unexpected
because sometimes
shining the light of the pure soul
deep into the darkness of
the dense human self
takes a lot of effort, courage
and energy
along side more conviction
and insight than any mere mortal
could successfully manage
to handle
no matter what the excuse
as she found herself standing
in the vacuum of an
in between moment
wistfully looking at the sad
state of her shoes...................
(Feb. 8, 2011 2am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

again suffering a misunderstanding with someone more important than sweet liberty to a life serving convict proving now that even the heaviest heart can write a poem.

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