quite a bit of pomp and vigor
he diligently exported
what a dynamic young man
that evocative British Talker
came to represent
his Letters From America
introduced a memorable
saucy dame
(the heart of lady liberty herself)
to the living rooms of the aristocracy
as well as the lowliest of commoner
to ever board a train
a liberal, adventurous, absorbing landscape
he described so faithfully
to every curious one and all of them
without adornment nor romanticism
his impartiality was his
born again brain child
a humble fence straddler
certainly he sat
an eager journalist
allowing life to take him
wherever it would
he witnessed and then
swiftly jotted down via his own
innocence through maturity
of himself as well as a young nation
the unfolding of beauty amid
stark startling realities
that few could have written
so cleanly to the bone about
and yet he placed himself
so neatly at the typewriter
and narrated back home
to his captivated mother land
snippets of that fast aging
new world
spearing the ferocious machine
of modernity
demonstrating there was more to
her appeal than the brashness of
New York verses the fantasy
of Hollywood so terribly grand
it was everything in between
that called to his writer's hand
sadly as they must
his lengthy life and noteworthy career
came to a swift careening halt
when of advanced age and reclining
he retired his post
and closing his world seeing eyes
promptly died 4 weeks hence
and in her geographical memories
America herself surely must have cried
as among the beautiful Ascots
his truly honorable ashes were
respectfully dispensed
but a glorious extensive legacy
of film, of writing, of genteel manners
and admirable grace
he leaves for us to gainfully
revisit and embrace.....................
(Feb. 7, 2011 1227am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(I watched a lovely biography of sorts earlier this evening on Alistair Cooke's
life of letters, films he shot while traveling across the United States in the late
30's and 40's ,as well as his extensive presentations of Masterpiece theater
on PBS up until 1992. It was quite a treasure trove to take in. His keen observant non judgmental journalist's eye really impressed me and from all that given information on his life's work this poem was born.)

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