oh revolution
sweet uncertain wind
of revolution
that you have become
I smell you with my eyes
you explode
onto the world stage
media rock star
that you are
for your Muslim brothers
and all their pent up rage
and your heat
fills men 's hearts
with a patriot's pride
down with the angry old Pharaoh
the crowd now chants in the streets
while with his defiant fiery fist
he fights his people's wish
with only the weapon of his
well rehearsed lies
while the protesters' blood boils on
to witness his political demise
enough is enough
they gather peaceably to voice
their demands
for justice
for dignity
for human rights
and lasting peace and prosperity
for every last woman, child and man
not more beatings and intimidation
from a brutal regime
but billowing veils that flutter
through the halls of a true democracy
with hands pounding upon their chests
they shout and they scream
give us liberty and let us elect our
own president to lead
not some mockery of a Presidential
election but a real one
where everyone gets to cast their vote
and have their say
you deny one you deny all
and that is what separates dictatorship
from true democracy
but no blood in the face of their rage will
they ever dare deny
their courage and guts they gladly offer
to spill upon the pavement of
freedom's square
for the good of their future
their children, their society
they are willing to die
while in their hearts
the promise of hope on which
now rely
their innocent martyr Khaled Said
a young man tortured by corrupt state police
to the world and each other they chant
and weep vehemently
let him not have suffered and died in vain
we too shall not forget
give us our share of peace
give us true democracy
and this stalemate will end
when Mubarak has flown
far away at last from this
so beloved land
on a one way plane
never to step foot back upon it
(Feb 4, 2011 1125pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by the historic happenings that are unfolding over these last 12 days or so in Egypt.

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