as you wrote
you seem to write from
the mere view point of
your limited experience
and the overly confused
human mind
but blessedly remember
my friend
they are not you
they are mere instruments of you
that exist only in the land of time
break through those old barriers
and you will surprise even you
when you discover
that the true you that dozes
deep within
hails from
love and love's supreme knowledge
life as it is
you will quickly realize
no matter how unfair nor difficult
it may seem
all is easier to get through
when from a better more,
home befitting glorious place
your real self calls to you
lessons will rise up to greet us
and even their pain provided
will fervently teach
as we suffer in these fallible structures
we have been given
but know that
no darkness can long shadow you
not to be cliche
but your spirit is love's light itself
just standing out of reach
so quietly to your self awareness conveyed
no reality of this world
can touch that perfection
which illuminates out
from the human eye
just who you really are
your true eternal self lays just
beyond the eye that senses sight
and the ear that listens for sound
or even the hand that sometimes reaches
out in sadness or fright
to assure its core its not alone
nor unfairly bound
while the heart that loves by such
particularly conditioned notions
suspects the lie it tells itself
and sometimes believes
that invariably we wonder fearfully aimless
and quite alone
one's humanity is but a cloak the spirit takes up
slips on and shrugs off
leaving behind that no longer needed vehicle
nor the darkness it patrolled for what seemed
like far too long
and yet from a much higher unimaginably
evolved place of tranquil being
years here are but a blink of the eye
to the self perpetually educating soul
we are but volunteering visitors
sanctioned by God's glorious grace
to learn here while we are here
what we as souls already know
these lives we live upon this crazy planet
are about three things
love and knowledge and how with them
we must come
so to better
within ourselves grow
no other earthly reality
fallacy, damage nor purpose
do we entertain to interrupt
and or deny each our energy's flow
and best of all know
there truly is no garbage whatsoever
in the soul
that is but a falsehood brought on
by the terrified ego laden mind
one that all humanity must shed
before they exit this play of time..............
(Feb. 4, 2011 835am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by fellow post poems poet  jonzac_almighty's poem 'Perceptions'

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