ah, come to me
as you are
sweet diversion
bring your solace
with your quirky charm
I am in need of a trinket
to guide me thus
the emptiness convenes
upon such invasion
so unjust
angelic demon
that you've become
spawn for me a heady potion
that I can swallow
with little bitter taste
like rum
calling up my beloved
unto  my lonely side
post haste
erasing all prior
ribbons of glum
as from afar
his love stirs to wake
surrounding my tearful heart
soothing it to wait
with but one word
through his own mouth
to the bottom of my ear
the beauty that is his
loving presence
surrounds me keenly
chasing off all that old fear
surging ever surging deep within
the knowledge that he is ever
mine again
a reminder in my lowest hour of need
that never has he nor will he ever
leave me
we are ever one
even when forcefully kept
physically apart
it's all a very elaborate illusion
if one but only looks deep
enough within their own heart
knowing this truth
I rise within myself
and grow stronger within my faith
for you and me there is no fence
to our love's gate
there is just God
and our great love for each other
that no real darkness
can trample upon
for in my sky
there are two suns
that solar fire ball
and two
you, my forever one......................
(Feb. 1, 2011 915am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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