nary a night passes
without nature finding
some small or quite glorious way
to remind me of your
great mercy, love and grace
I am but a dot in your sky
a mere speck on your many
diverse landscapes
some centuries and millenniums apart
but what a cherished dot often feel I
as I witness the timeless beauty
in your abundant creations
your summers are a showcase
the winters I gape at
in such crisp, fresh wonder
and autumn, my absolute favorite
for then you show us even in
some form of death
such ravishing colors can
burst forth
and that transformation in all
is an unforgettable experience
and who could dismiss spring
with all the birth she gives
to every imaginable one and thing
I am thankful for what seems like
this human eye's endless dream
provided for me by
my perfect father so loving
and all in such selfless support by he
so I can be more than just myself
here amid his many lessons offered
with love, mercy, grace and
best of all
beauty and truth
Keats had it right
truth is beauty and beauty is truth
and all the world stands tall
in the wisdom of
'God's Provision'......................
(Jan. 10, 2011 309am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I passed by a local church bulletin board out on its front lawn and it said nothing from man was a strain on God's Provisions and I liked the words God's Provisions and knew a poem would come of that and it did so here it is. Enjoy.

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