Well I too
find myself
dreaming of
ancient evenings and distant music
My dear Mr. Waller
as bespoken by you in your
best seller back in 1992
even if only
just to fasten themselves a net
across the loneliness that is
my pearl of today
dangling from a crumpled list
of many a forgotten to do
dismantling the fringes of
my life
and creating a worksheet
of more memorable notes
timeless waltzes
to inundate my senses
with each one written
you might even say
for 'The World Of Ballrooms'
would be nothing at all
without the dancers
romantically sashaying about
in their bold, revealing costumes
as the music that they had
so sensuously played..............
(Jan. 8, 2011 336am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by the book/movie The Bridges Of Madison County, by Robert James Waller. I was quite  taken with a line Clint Eastwood spoke in Meryl Streep's character's kitchen when he toasts a drink he says here is to ancient evenings and distant music and that kind of held my mind in a sensuous trap for ages. I jotted down those words and after about 3 or 4 months from those words I heard spoken a poem finally came forth. I am pleased with what came of the time elapse from the time I heard those lines to the time the poem actually came to me.. Enjoy!

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