verily you are
my lightning streak of love
standing there bedazzled as you are
with your eyes' lasso for the moon
quite temporal are your
while utterly reverent
is your concern
through the magnificent maze
of trembling amplification
such spiritual adulation
warms up its pot so full
of gratifying glitter
coaxed in some manner
as it were
from some sorted
out sad former details
with maximum articulation
dripping from the tip of
your unbelievable brain
it's from those exited webs
and acrimonious travails
we collide
to collaborate
vying to be
to each his
significant authentication
for me
this more real than reality you
is far more lovely than
any others painted dream self
attempting to slip in behind the
curtain of my subconscious
for my heart was always yours
to pawn or recollect
however you wished
to deal with the discovery
of its suddenly realized existence
I just didn't know it yet
not until I more fully grew
to love you back
(distant cousin as it were to TRUE)
and now should I admit
the thought of living in
any world without you in it
terrifies me to be even
more honest with us both
lost to the malaise of such
envisioned void
to you my soul clings ever tighter
lovely as you believe me to be
still I feel I am but
a mere charmed parasite
to you my 'Otherworldly Host'
and lover
so forgive me those first moments since
for not truly seeing thee............................
(Jan. 7, 2011 444am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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