did ever a woman
love a man more
than I love thee today
my soul stands amid
denial's own shiver
swearing such truth
can only be mere folklore
ere complicated hear say
a marvelous heart's magician
ye must surely be
taking my love as your hostage
as ye has done
while leaving me
flailing prostate
atop this current empty life's
dry river bed
without the welcome light
of your beacon
while waiting here
a useless shipwreck I be
lost to the rocks of life that seems
no more
I am broken bits of an empty hull
without you
where just a little while before
a sturdy little drum boat of
a cargo hauler
be I
casually sailing along
nothing so proud mind you
with my paint chips a flecking
looking a little poor
nor memorable to any passer by
upon the vast void of the drunkenly sea
but something to someone somewhere
who shall believe himself lucky and blessed
just to have me
it's he, whom I long for
and it's in these layers of just knowing
that I find I can sit tight and wait for him
he who's out there somewhere
ever reaching for me
and quite blessedly now
I am familiar with his so beloved ways
his fire, his water, his land and sky
every moment now for me I know
he stays
'As Darkness Leads Into Light'...............
(Jan. 3, 2011 510pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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