like the lightest touch of
gorgeous gossamer
if your words had a feeling
satin they would be
our conversation began
with a weaving of ash cloth
and finally robed our thoughts
in a rich honeyed silk
t'were it possible
a satin purse
from a swine's ear
you would have
tailored so meticulously
but no thread nor
scissors had thee
so rather I chose to smile
at your attentive attempt
for you showed a
new side of yourself
in all its
open vulnerability
the path to true friendship
is an honorable gauntlet
to take up
and endeavor to remain
true to
embracing what is
verses how one
would like a particular
encounter to be
is a difficult challenge
staring down all those insecurities
deep within our own selves
so to rise above the easy by passes
of the common place
and meet on equal sacred ground
the curious counter part
of our very own worst fears
lessons are lavishly born
in such waters of misunderstanding
a subtle peace hushes the
already stilted stillness
with some other worldly quality
of cherished serenity
and it was there
in that exact place
that we gave each other
just this
for the briefest of
mentionable moments
those first few vestiges
of sweet understanding
lovely now........wasn't it?............
(Jan. 1, 2011 705am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written from an interesting conversation I had with my friend and fellow poet/writer/amateur philosopher PC BODH. I believe he will be pleased to find out just how well I was listening................. 

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