so often now I pray
for God to let the fear and hate
there is far too much mistrust and suspicion
on both sides of any religion as is
in the wake of so many fissures and frays
we don't need more piled on the day
whatever happened to the favored old saying
live and let live
did the radicals and the suicide loving bombers
blow that up too?
or perhaps one too many military actions in defense
of fear ferrying nations played farther into the hands of
multiple groups of men who wish to send the world
back into the 12th century all over again
strangely enough
do they (these so called men)
not realize that
there were no bombs back then
and the idea of a person killing himself
so to kill many others along with him was unheard of
such a person was deemed diabolical and untrustworthy
scheming with the devil and likely burned at some stake
in some foul place no one would wish to even visit
for a moment's view
penned as a heretic of the worst nature
we hail from a place of indescribable love and peace
why can't we continue on in that creed
some do and others with their own agenda's supersede
and raise their sick and abusive standards to dizzying heights
that nobody can live up to and even moderately hope to be happy
if in such rigid structures they seem to appear to succeed
I love God and I trust him and I know what will happen
will always happen on the side of what is truly right
evil in some cases may seem to be winning
but it's an illusion God uses to further work his will and want for man
farther into the everyday fabric of this life we are given
to live blindly with only the faith and love in our souls
as a compass to guide us
and for some, their ego overrides what they know deep down is right
so I choose to always stand on the side of love
and I never ever walk in fear but willingly walk through whatever
is put before me
always with my eyes trained on 'The Love Of God's Light'
and that is the best way I know to get around any man made fear
by leaning on my God, he protects those to whom ever remain near...............
(Sept. 6, 2010 346pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

my thoughts on the rampant mistrust and hate of people on both sides of the building of the Islamic cultural center near Ground zero along side the mistrust and hate of the radicals and the suicide bombers and the terrible histories of the many other countries who have chosen to or been forced to be drawn into this global struggle fighting violence with more violence, which makes both sides of this very complex argument  involving the mixing of two extreme ideologies even more difficult to navigate as more and more variables come into play. I believe at the heart of all this is just everyday people quite ignorant of the other side and acting on their ignorance because its so much easier to stay ignorant and hate somebody than to try to get to know them and understand and love them. That has always been the problem throughout all our histories. Bush Jr. Stupidly summed it up best with his insidious statement of "You're either with us or against us!" It should have been, 'We're all in this together so let's put our heads together and see how we can come together and work this out.' You don't try to broker peace by creating enemies from the very start.

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