four short weeks
and what landscape
beauty doth make
two trembling hearts
tripping to be
closer than wind
to flirting summer skin
you ever expose the pulse points
of your love to me
and I am not immune to the pain
that you also allow me to see
you are a man of depth and words
lending to a great intellect's
texture and color
and you are throbbingly aware that
I have long since been enamored of you
as a lover
we both ache more and more for a time
that is ultra real to our inner most beings
we know this truth to be self evident
and our moments are churning slowly
though we long for them to speed up
and pass
to that pinnacle time of 'The Grand Reintroduction'
it's alas near on our two eager horizons
13 plus months now we have pocketed away
my breath is a memory lost to all of your yesterdays
but from those beloved ashes
new inhalation arrives
and together we will blend
two glorious energy forces at last
infused, woven and entwined
ever thankful for the long fortuitous journey
that allowed them to co create, convulse and combine
so come my love of all poetic loves
we can wait but a little while longer
just four short weeks to once again bask in our own
private paradise sublime..............
(Sept. 5, 2010 1215pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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