I suppose
I am feeling the dredges of depression
because I know you are feeling so depressed
its a push pull 'Supposition'
one that is not easily remedied
cause I love you
and I cannot give you my all
from where I am right now
to help make this better
somehow for you
your need of me does not go
nor unanswered
even though it may feel that way
to you sometimes
but I do, do what I can
I animate from my core
all I am able to share
don't you know
that if I were able
and knew it would
truly work
I'd peel off my top most
layer of skin
if by doing so I could somehow
take this dejection away from you
and give you a new coat of undamaged
love to wear
but I know I don't have that
and so I feel all the deeper aches
that you are sporting
hurting cause
more time has been shoved
broader again between us
try to remember our perception of time
is just that
a mere perception
and we can choose to put a positive spin on it
or a negative one
you know the spin I'm going to place on mine
to me, you are coming here next month
to tie up some loose ends
next month does not seem so very far away
when put in perspective
and it's from that angle that my heart can find
the hope it needs to keep looking forward
you've always been my reality
you're just seeming like a dream up until
next month
believing that, makes the unfairness that has
been done to us
much easier to sail through
and know that I can sail through anything
if once I'm through it
it gets me to you.........................
(Sept 2, 2010 528pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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