in a surge of passionate strength
and vital recognition
into your arms
I find
I am deliciously hauled
Euphoria gives birth to action
seconds burn through hours
you and me through time
we have always been
our love often running
far ahead
of ancient memories sublime
ever chasing after
that next offered increment
of when
vague, distorted charms
how they tantalize and tease
that one deep love
sleeping so faithfully within us
aching to be reunited and ignited
and now once again
time's rigorous loop we have defeated
but still we stand
at the precipice of cruel circumstance
harsh school mistress that she is
forcing two lost lovers to further linger
so close to their final meeting's
blissful end
that of being physically together
once again
just listen to the echoes of your
own mournful heart
hope is the tireless voice of a
world respected Opera singer
ever softly singing bars
to keep her pipes warm
for that one glorious appearance
the universe knows is coming
as obvious as it is
we are but each others world
we know how this is meant to end
our stage is nearly finished
the finale'
the best it's ever been
we are but waiting in the wings
waiting for the music's cue
allowing our crescendo to begin
so garner strength in knowing
my soul is as its always been
'Here For You'..................
(Aug. 29, 2010 425pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own. My poetic reply to his lovely I'm thinking of you and missing you so letter. What can I say? other than (sighs) It's good to be queen!

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