and does not
such Galahad heart
'A Fond Rejoinder'
to his every
tender farewell
is there no recompense
for his love's very own
minstrel's tale
God indeed doth
of such man's forced
journey's travail
there are angels singing
all around every step you
must even just contemplate
and all such suspected dangers
that they too
to you entail
this is but a tiny blemish though
on the eye of a face
God has made thus so
these 13 plus months
upon the battlefield
of his created earth's
I do not worry so much
nor even minimally so
when all these things align
in my soul
to step forth and comfort me
there are many rugged terrains
that dot this earth's landscape
and men filled with more evil
in their hearts
than you or I could ever hope to
lay our own imaginations to
but you said it best
not even three days ago
nothing is stronger than God's love
and so I read that statement
as synonymous with God's will
and I am dwelling fine in the rapture
of this very deep inner knowing
and with the aid of your thoughtful
phone rings at crucial intervals
in my solitary day
it is only the purest seeds of love
that I find my hopeful heart
now ever sewing
so contact me soonest my love
when this ordeal of yours is over
so I can properly breath again
free of these chains of
not yet fully knowing
that you are home
you are safe
you are in the cradle of your kin
and but two plane trips away now
from into my arms yourself
you're ever thankfully throwing
with our two poems shared
as my champion
I find I can wait
just until then
I LOVE YOU!...........................
(Aug. 25, 2010 824am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own. This was inspired by some short lovely, ultra loving,  parting words for me as he left on a dangerous trip.

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