so very gently
from afar
the 'Clouds Tears'
silently weep
what beauty
your 'Love's Rainbow'
has cleansed
so many colors to a
dull rainy sky
you have suddenly lent
in the vacuum of your absence
its your words that
find the funds to
pay my aching heart's rent
as from me all these hours
you have deliberately spent
work has come
as it often does
that I do understand
and taken you on a journey
I cannot accompany you on
still its the tatter of vague circumstance
that smears fear upon my shoes
even a note or a missed phone call
would ease this unnameable fear
that some awful unseen event
could have so cruelly taken you
and so I wait
I call and get no response
and in the waning emptiness
I ponder on your 'Love's Rainbow' again
as I stand behind these Clouds of tears
almost fearful of what I'll sometime soon
come to know
that you are forever gone from me
and I will never know anything of you
other than the great love and abundance
left behind for all to read
in your words....................
(Aug, 20,2010 904pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

missing the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own. About his being gone so much due to his work. I was feeling much too gloomy on this day but he miraculously returned and the sun came out again for me sending the downpour of circumstantial depression just as quickly away.

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