how I want and love you too
I feel your comprehension
of this does not have acquisition
to the full scope of the matter
I long to touch you
not for sex's sake
that's the farthest reaches of that
but more so to
feel your flesh for real
to assure myself
of your realness
you enthrall and bedazzle me
from every angle
the feel of your flesh will
mean so much
even if its just your own
palm clasping mine
or your eyes filling
with the actual image of me
I'll be overwhelmed
at first by anything more
for I know it will be the culmination
of the so many times you have
with your words mentally pulled
me closer to you
and at last
the physicality of that will be
all of it will be felt
it's like two separations of self
finally allowed to meet
what I want and now what I get
first the loving higher you
and now the physical self that
accompanies that
it buckles my heart
and makes this ache well up
inside me
I am torn and bound up all
at the same time
I'm a mess of joy and tears
not so dissimilar to what you said
just yesterday
this must be 'Possession'
but in the best possible way.............
(Sept 2, 2010 1044am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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