perception is the gem
and bane of humanity
in some instances it serves well
in others it only further pollutes
good judgment must set
atop its bench to decide
which side of each story to tell
good judgment is Perception's handler
and even handlers are flawed
such as judgment
as judgment too is influenced
by experience
and as anyone can surmise
my experience is not your experience
some people rely on the logic of their minds
verses the quieter more positive beauty in their souls
to speak for them
there are many diverse ways to arrive at an
informed conclusion
but how do we extract our own prejudices
so to view the image before us as it truly is
and not just once again
through our flawed perception of it
I don't think it's possible but I've always believed
that one should always attempt to look for the good
in something as its so much harder to locate
than it is to oh so easily jump into all the muck
of the world's pain and revenge
and declare ah this is how it really is
and allow it to coat you with its filth
and self loathing degradation
which leaves one feeling dirtier than before
I'd much rather cling to whatever tiny good I can find
in this world
one person, one event, one kind deed
at a time
than to be coated head to foot
in what was never a part of me
for I come from love
I am of love
I will return to love
and while I am here
in my deepest being
animating outward through
hate has no place in me
and that for me has been the key
for rising above
all the ugliness I am forced to
stumble over in this world
that is how I manage to get through
each and every moment I am
submerged in
'The Glory And Hell That Is Living'...........
(Aug. 20, 2010 618am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by fellow post poems Poets Muhammad Naveed Ahmed and Deborah Russell's collaborative poem 'Deceit'

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