tribulations and confessions all a stepping and a tripping
a manifesto of depth unveiling the realization
of another 's vague discoveries through the happenstance
of paths meant for crossing
a swelling river of words exposing a multitude of
personally maneuvered undercurrents
such impressions made a mold of tender intent
a soother and a smoother such marker in ye
has become
and in the obvious hearts of others
his selfless efforts have rent
a beacon for the lost
a mentor for the too wearily traveled
a guide made patient from his own
triumphs and mistakes
an honorary tradesman of post human worth
generously sharing his wisdom and courage from
the sporadic intervals of his own precarious perch
atop the ever teetering shelf of transitory humanity
so notably spoken
this reader must say
in all the beauty and careful weaving of
your joyously philosophical words
your wisdom quite thoroughly preceded you
to touch even this yet introduced poetess
without delay
so however be this as it may
I then must thank you too...........................
(Aug. 17, 2010 555am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by fellow post poems poet Clinton W's poem 'When The poet Said'

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