It is the perfection of the spirit
that will cleanse all inflicted wounds
mental, physical and emotional
the ego revels in the past
the spirit whispers let go
for I have your back
none can hurt you, not really
'tis but an illusion of the
mortal mind
the gouges and the gashes
'In The Schematics Of Eternity'
they fall back, far flung to the mortal side
what seems so horrendous today
is but a grain of sand to the vastness
of the beach's shore line
we are not the marks made from lessons
we have learned
we are love in its entirety
far above the brutality of each
incarnations' bitter turn
so fret not in the wounds of
whatever is your darkest now
rejoice for the collective good
that reflects outward from
the spirit's ever present aura
peace's own truest vow
that of which is to live, learn
and best of all love
no matter what the circumstance
(Aug. 17, 2010 309am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poem 'Conspiring'

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