she would be abound
if she but had
eyes herself
to read
I wrote this once
(August the 14nth
of last year)
in an early critique
for some influence
when I had not yet
the ears to fully listen
for your tender heart's
in those first weeks
you were a talent to
be admired
a marvel of a man
showing me such
focused favor
in very many ways
you seemed so
like a demonstrative dream
one of many
I'd so often before
almost too good to be true
and to think I had not
self constructed you
I gaped all a flatter but
dumb struck
had you read my diary
perhaps pilfered through
a few of my own poems
if so, then how could you know
which ones to mine
to gain such insight
to charm me to your
reflective supportive side
I breathed a breath
and awoke enchanted
then too quickly quite besotted
you were in all your beauty and
abundant cuts and bruises
an irresistible train wreck of sorts
that I could not stop
but I knew I must climb aboard
and now that once early 20th Century
train relic derailment has become
a top notch, high speeding modern day
'Super Sonic'
and your love for all its clear and confusing
reasons now
is for me this life's only tonic
my red hot and blue
deep incomparable you
ever the
lover true
yes, I 'GOT YOU"
but you got me
as well
with but the net of
your great ability
to woo
I never had a chance
did I?
well, I'm glad
THANK YOU!.....................
(Aug. 16,2010 1124pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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