408 increments broken
down into hourly wonder
I bet you can almost hear
the anticipation in my voice
as I parade my mind over this
I've skillfully sky 'd the hawk
and tamed the tornado's
tempestuous path
in mutual wonder
we spoon feed each other
a delicious broth
of desire, warmth and restlessness
all carefully simmered on the
front burner of our very beings'
loveliest wish
adding to that gorgeous spicy dish
two timeless dollups called love
In a zapped near hallucinating daze
my thoughts tirelessly traipse after thee
caught as I am in the tender aching sweet tones
of your voice
and the voluminous ideas of all your masculine waves
you are the pulse point my heart cannot
beat without
as I am just as much the muse to the tormented
mentor in your soul
though I've lived for these umpteen years
without of you being aware
I fully know now that I came here but for
this moment so I can unite with you
God over the years has regularly reflected
back onto my fantastic thoughts
visions I worried were unrealistic fantasies
when in fact they were but the
tell tale signs of the one I would know
and yes, for a little while I was blind
but your light from the very start was
too bright for me to not recognize
your streaks of familiar hazy pink were meant
solely for my breaking dawn
to my deepest truth
you've always been
the dance yet asked for...........
(Aug 14, 2010 227am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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