as mere mortals
I see us all as fledgling
emissaries of God
subtract the sinful negative
and all the good that is left
is pale reflections of
none other than
God's own abundant love
from the smallest kind deed
to the largest most shocking
selfless gift given
that is God in all of us
in some form or another
coming out
that's what feeds hope
into this dark world
there are those who only
wish to destroy
but they know they are far
out numbered by those who
prize liberty and life
who cherish the beauty
within that just IS
umpteen nations have risen
from the ashes of war
and grown again to more
vibrantly thrive
that is but the spear tip of
the arrow
a seed is planted
a crop grows
I personally know
at the age of 42
I, myself will take my very last breath
full of hope
I will do my utter best
to always give more than
I receive
I will love in the face of anger
and understand more clearly
what fuels fear
the unknown does not exist
for my soul
I am more than this earthly creation
I inhabit, could ever imagine
every day my world becomes
more beautiful because
God introduces me to more pieces
of my life's puzzle
and the landscape grows and grows
I am patron and artist of this landscape's
this life I've been afforded
is my gallery
and the people I love and whom love me
are the benefactors of its exhibition
so I, all too easily can walk through
the hell that is this time
and all its ugliness and outrage
ricochet off me
like bullets off Wonder Woman
that's a good analogy
in essence
I am
the product of all the wonder
and grace that started with
that animating from
the great
I AM....................
(June 29, 2010 1102am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poem 'Eternity'

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