a melancholy moment
merely meandering through
memory frames of love's past
such beautiful regard
you so hauntingly construct
the reader is swept in
taken away
and then just as poignantly
dumb struck
to such dizzying heights
and darkening depths
only the poet heart
can meld the pain and loss
into such beautiful verse
drawing some loveliness
out from such a vague
and fading darkness
yet ironically enough
it was in that very 'Confusing Twilight'
that love came upon you
allowing your fractured focus
to shift
unto a
stronger, better, wiser and more
enduring love all your own
and the mercy of the heavens
with nary a spiritual flick
granted you all and more
but best of all
answered your heart's most
valiant wish
that for a companion worthy
of all your intrinsic gifts............
(July 27,2010 3am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written as a poetic response to fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's poem 'Park Scenes'

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