as pale as pity's breath
the world doth wound and whine
where upon the margin of wrath
lesser men vow their revenge
as on their own negativity they
feast and dine
their errors in such polluted minds'
spew foul twisted ideas
of we are the chosen ones
so follow our lead
yet most often it's
ego fused with rigorous indignation
that's the brick and mortar of their
warped foundations
and self ward up lifting plans
forcing the masses to fall in behind
their banner of hijacked religion and
trumped up rage
they murder, scare, terrorize,
even resort to torture and
demean those who stand up
to disagree with the poisonous
mindset they openly engage
fear anger and ego make an
inhospitable trinity for
any true God loving human to
grapple with or withstand
at the mercy of any society's
ability to oust the hell inflicting
the world holds its breath
as the growing common
conscience grows
and expands
love beats out hate every time
God himself on this has too often said
the more brutal the infliction upon the
'The Better The Soul'
within has planned
as hard as that is to accept
we are willing participants
in the evolution of our true selves
through the help of these mere mortal bodies
of man.................................
(June 13, 2010 227am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by my ever growing and deepening spirituality.

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