he comes to me with his heart held
so handsomely sincere
I am all aglow like moonlight
splashed across the hour near
a higher commitment braces to be met
to have longed for so long
and to know that all came to
be just as it was meant to be
the present itself prettier than
its careful wrappings
to covet a rightful love
as you know it is yours
life is glorious even when
bogged down by mediocre trappings
leaving me to believe
he is a comet
sent by the finest of senders
that comes but once in a woman's life
from the farthest side of the galaxy
for all he could have come for
he lassoed the stars
and in the flash of a meteor
he got me..........................
(June 10, 2010 512am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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