many marvels have come to be
and in their arrival
have humbled me greatly
but none so swiftly
as your tireless
poetic declarations of love
you've snagged my very soul
and loved this jagged incarnation
to the very rafters of life and above
how wonderful must I seem
to attract someone so wonderful
as you
many in the past I have happened upon
to cross mere paths with them
but happening upon you
from broken earth and rocks
a majestic interstate grew
and oh how you knew my little road
that was running up to you
long before I could even begin to
believe such a thing could be true
you were mine outwardly all anew
so many blessed wonders
I have lived to see
but know that none meant so much
as you do now this very moment to me
for you are the eternal keeper
of all that I hold dear
and until my dying day I will cleave
only to you without hesitation
nor fear
in your giving over of yourself
to my gentled hands
you got in the bargain
a love that only further
and further grows to expand
so hold your heart up high
for you have shown you are
'The Epitome Of Love Itself'
and such love never dies
not now not ever
least of all in my eyes......................
(June 10, 2010 124am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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