the gauzy beauty of
morning's first hints of light
then the languid morning
slowly being turned up fully to
a timeless sunny day
butterflies dancing through
the fragrant air
children laughing and running
playing water tag
on a neighbor's front lawn
a majestic oak tree
lounging upon a nearby hill
some 200 plus years old
swaying in the breeze
so lush in the abundance
of its branches and deep green leaves
as if waving a kind hello to me
an old couple walking
hand in hand
smiling so beautifully at
each other
makes me a little misty eyed
as I witness a love
shared for many ages
a young girl walking
her big playful dog
dog smiles at me and
wants to linger
the sweet child apologizes
for his boisterous behavior
I smile broadly
bend down to pat the big
human lover's head
and say its alright
he must pick up that I love
big beautiful boys just like him
there's a good fellow I say
and straighten to walk on
my way
throwing a happy wave to
the young girl
joy gurgles up from deep within
as I know God sent me
some of his finest love letters
and I let him know
through the eager out pouring of
my love for that unknown love hound
that I received every last one of them
and was most appreciative
whistling to myself
I softly confessed
you spoil me too much God..............
(June 9, 2010 515 am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

was feeling very thankful and thought of the many things in a typical day that can make me so happy and have done so over the years and sort of made a collage of those things but I know there are far too many of such things to ever touch upon every one of them that I see as the multitude of ways God has been so loving to me.

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