swimming alone in my thoughts
I like to think of the night as
my savior
for circumstances pulled
suddenly up short
I sit alone
with no tangible companion
I feel the connection
but physically the void does
there are no demons I must fight
just the onset of emptiness
slipping in passed my discombobulated
funny how the mind tortures the self
and one has to fight to keep her
head out of hell
longing is a hurricane to the spirit
it changes everything
and leaves in its wake little else
but hope
I  think I love too intensely
so often and just seem 'Too Much'
for most
I'm like a beat up, old, well worn
child's teddy bear
with nobody to cuddle me and
tell me how wonderful it
just to have me to hold
silly to say that huh?
but I'm not an island
and frankly I'm so sick of
this ocean of no one around
to caress my soft so often
forgotten shores
I'm laughing now through my tears
today is now Friday
and the uncanny parallel of this
poem to Dafoe's 'Robinson Caruso'
makes me laugh
shaking the ache that sits low
in my heart
trying further to prop up my mood
I cajole myself into believing
its just hormones..................
(June 4, 2010 535am(

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was feeling a bit depressed so I do what I tend to do to try to cheer myself I wrote a poem about it and tried to write out the depression.

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