you wallowed in your ills
but for the company of poetry
so many times you chanted why?
I've read it so many the time
so now, I must reply
just 'Because'
what happens to us here
upon this earth
matters not
what matters is our reaction to
whatever it is that does happen to us
we are mere imperfect vessels in training
to be better vessels
we live lives, perform tasks, do deeds
and partake in rituals often
that we cannot yet fully understand
to our limited sights
so much of it makes absolutely no sense
that I say, is where our faith
does or does not come in
believe all that you endure
is put before you
for the better enlightenment of
your true inner being
does a car need to understand why it
was in  a wreck
does a bird in a rainstorm need to know
what happened to its nest
it just builds itself another nest
that's the beauty and the hell of the human mind
we were given so much knowledge
and know how
that it's never enough, we seek answers
to even the unanswerable
and complain to God when he withholds them
if we knew everything here
we would learn absolutely nothing from our
brief living experience
to walk in imperfect flesh
and decipher with limited minds
grapple with incomplete ideas
and create beauty here as is in our true home
well pale reflections of the beauty
we do not fully remember
but strongly suspect we left behind
seeing things a little bit deeper and
a touch more clearly
draws forth peace from the soul
all is well
even when it seems in twisted chaos
as that's just the human mind's
fractured perception of things
don't let all this bunk get to you
life here on earth is the illusion
the reality is the home we can't remember
that we left behind.........................
(June 3, 2010 801am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

my reply to fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's three poems titled Why?

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