these words I've lovingly writ
are quite simply sent
'To Him I Miss'
he knows not the passion
his love is for
not without me nearest
his heart's pumping grip
thus so immersed in
the beauty of my own amour
I stand alone yet never alone
not so long as he I miss
lives in this earthly realm
as for me , I now know
it was he who was sent
he, himself told me this
but in certain other words though
from the very first day
his energy's force and mine
came to converge
at a strange conversation's tip
then recline
Even the words
I Have Fallen In Love With You
he let slip
I was agape
I was enchanted
all while I was awash in disbelief
and at such notion I lamented
that is until the mask he later
mentioned in a poem
from me slipped
and then all the beauty was there
yes indeed I was his Lady Fair
no maid Marion though you can be sure
I was more the role of Irene Adler
idling on the Thames
out maneuvering his Holmes
and proving there to be more to me
than mere manners and whim
I even revealed to him a depth he first
and teased him mercilessly
and a time or two at him shouted
he withstood the brunt of my ire
and made right wrongs before they
and here we stand closer
two tastes so similar
that apart they cannot be
separately perceived
as now I live for him
just as he lives for me
and that is I'm quite certain
as it was always
intended to be............
(June 3, 2010 721am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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