you know
so often
I think of you
and the pleasures I am sure you
can bestow
and how much you love me
and how that will play a large
part of us as a couple
because I too love you as so
its hard to fully imagine
but I get tidbits of ideas
and outlines of the possibilities
we will come to know about each other
and I tingle and I shiver a bit at the
very notion that we will be just that close
the intimate things I will come to learn
about you
the things with a woman who loves you
so deeply and knows you so intimately
that you have yet to experience
but you will have them all with me
having full access to my body whenever
you desire to see it, kiss it, touch it or merely
brush passed it
all that will be so new to you
the limits on you will be next to nil
you will be able to just look at me and
know in a heartbeat I am all yours
I will often make that abundantly clear
I will hug you for no reason and kiss you
just cause I want to
you will not have to encourage me to love you
my eyes will tell you stories even when my
lips cannot
I become overwhelmed when I just sit and
really think of these very things
the wait
the freedom
the magnitude and timing of our meeting
and in the way that we did
and how God instrumented it
from knowing the deepest longings
in our two hearts
for all these years
I always knew
even as a child
that my later life
would be the ultimate
I didn't know the particulars
but I never feared
the unknown future
now I know it was because
you were always intended to
be there
that was where I would find you
and God knows I looked for you
I get too emotional when I try to
take all this in
I'm just so unabashedly thankful
but for that one simple little poem
of yours about God
I may have missed out on ever having
met you
and I would have lived a life devoid of you
and never known what loss I had
I've always loved God so dearly
but my meeting you proves to me
he loves me so much more than
my humanly heart and mind could
ever hope to fathom
he must
to give me so much more in a partner
than I ever even once asked of him
a perfect combination of traits I love
and so many added bonus features
that I would have never thought to
ask for
I like to view this as a blending of
what I wanted and what he wanted
for me in a mate
and then it hits me
with such combination as that
how could I ever fear
any step of this path
we are walking to take us
towards a fully united us
could ever be wrong
this is our story my love
and we are creating it
and telling it to the world
the way it was meant
to be told
as honestly and truthfully
and lovingly as we could
tell it
and so I thank you as well
as God for helping me
to produce such
a perfect tale
of love
and the path that lead two
hearts to it............................
(June 3, 2010 245am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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