in a last minute bid
to steal for ourselves
some precious romantic time
we packed a mutual bag
together as we grinned
like children about to sneak
out for a forbidden car ride
and then we headed out of town
in search of a beach,
a lake or whatever
even if only some rural divide
it was pure luxurious bliss
just I and thy
lost in the atmosphere of
the music on the radio
playing amid tiny dot town
after tiny dot town as
they scrumptiously sped by
wrapped up in each others gaze
as we often were
from time to intimate time
the modern looking rest stops
we stopped to relieve ourselves in
and grab some snacks
the snuggling at the side of that
brick building
near a tiny brook
as we watched a mother duck and her ducklings
waddle past
safely wrapped up in your arms as I was
to me, even then heaven was an outcast
singing to myself Barbara Mandrel's
'There's no love in Tennessee' as
the loping hills of Virginia
disbursed with sleepy intermittent
hollers nobody even heard of
filled my eyes with their beauty's repast
to a farmer who hatched hives
and made sweet golden honey
we gladly took his tour
I still laugh when I recall
you on that John Deere tractor
and that silly straw hat you wore
ah then the rural rustic cabin in the
gorgeous green Mountains
over looking Charlotte 's Ville Virginia
those are languid erotic hours my
body and heart will never forget
you were the eyes arms and lips of
a romantic storm's focusing path
you took me to heights
that even the tree tops couldn't get
and I loved you with an earnest enduring love
that no other woman could have felt
you were mine
all mine
you are mine
and at each others heart's feet
we have faithfully knelt
and there with thee know I will
forever be
even if I have to turn myself
inside out
for you are always here
(placing my hand upon my heart)
where it counts
and this makes you, my love
always the better of me
I grant you that...............
(June 3, 2010 424am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own just to make him smile.

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